This is who should be in the new avengers

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Daredevil by Ryan Kinnaird



Doctor Strange: From The Marvel Vault #1





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There shouldn't even be a New Avengers, the concept doesn't work anymore. It worked during Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Dark Reign, but now that the world is right again with the heroes back in control the New Avengers just don't have a home. I would rather them be called something else.. like the New Defenders, or perhaps move them out of New York and out west so you can have a West Coast Avengers again.

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How about the Champions...eerrr that one is taken. How about Defenders of the Earth!! No that was taken too. Eh, come up with a new name. Like The Order or The New Order for the World, yeah and have Kevin Nash join in on the action.

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@jayskee: 4 of them are already on the New Avengers. Daredevil is currently in like exile. Power Man is such an unexperienced hero, I'm against him on the Avengers, unless it was Young. Tigra is wrapped up in Academy. Which leaves She-Hulk and Abom... Well no to Shulk, but I wouldn't mind A-Bomb. Admittedly, I'd still need Ms. Marvel on an Avengers team, so unless you could make her be on the Main Avengers like she should be, I am going to have to reject your team, in my eyes at least.
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Spoken like a true Marvel Editor, there's future for you yet (if Marvel is still around by then).

#5 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14285 posts) - - Show Bio

i agree with everyone except power man she-hulk and tigra and maybe a-bomb
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I'm fine with the current roster in comics. But I don't think Spidey and Wolvie should be on the Main team. Plus I'd like to add Deadpool to the team simply because then my top 5 favorite heroes would be in one book.

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