Off My Mind: Which Dark Avenger Will Become A New Avenger?

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#51 Posted by MrMiracle77 (1659 posts) - - Show Bio

How many Avengers flavors are there these days?  I'm a little out of touch since "New" came out.

#52 Posted by G-Man (29392 posts) - - Show Bio
#53 Posted by Benzo (621 posts) - - Show Bio

This new title will be on my pull list! :D , I can't wait to see the interactions between wolverine, spidey and the the thing! XD

#54 Posted by Jake Fury (17922 posts) - - Show Bio

Victoria Hand would be my choice.

#55 Posted by DanBan8807 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Ok. I'm one of those crazy people who prefered Venom as an anti-hero. I know. Nuts. But that's when I got into him back in the 90's.  I would also hope for some character development for him. I don't like him being just some big brute for some random's boring...but hey, that could be just me.
I say it could be him. The symbiote is supposed to get a new host in Seige: Spider-Man and nothing has been stated about what's going to happen with him past that sooo... I'm hoping. 
Noh Varr seems to obvious and seems to have his own thing going. Hand and Harry seem too outside the Dark Avengers to actually apply as a Dark Avenger.    
#56 Posted by Legacy_ (10166 posts) - - Show Bio

Its Victoria Hand people...beeb confirmed by Brubaker when he discussed Secret Avengers on CBR 


Victoria Hand - New Avengers

Sharon Carter - Secret Avengers 
Maria Hill - Avengers

#57 Posted by hero vs. villian (253 posts) - - Show Bio
I was so scared to death it would be the Sentry, as I am scared Bendis is plotting the redemption of the Sentry in Siege #4 :(
#58 Posted by amc26 (214 posts) - - Show Bio

its Noh-VArr. it pretty much shows it right here, look in the avengers portion of the pic under spider woman.

The Heroic Age
#59 Edited by victorvndoom (82 posts) - - Show Bio

can be dakken, replaces Wolverine so he can go to the future and be in the avengers other comic..dont understand why they send wolverine in the future and why there is wolverine in both avenger teams :p there must be something wrong with the continuity as always
they dont say that it playes before he went to the future or after

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