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Just read an interview with Brian Michael Bendis.  He talks about events from New Avengers #50, where Carol Danvers stole a piece of power draining Stark Tech.  Apparently it will have repercussions for anyone with powers in New York.

Here's what the article says:

In “New Avengers” #55, the Hood's gang lays a trap for the Avengers, and it's a successful one. “In 'New Avengers #50, Carol Danvers stole a piece of Stark Tech that was part of a power drainer. That got blown up but the Hood's gang which includes Dr. Jonas Harrow and a few other respected scientists reverse engineered it and put together one for themselves,” Bendis explained. “They use it as sort of an anti-power bomb and it saps the powers of anyone in the vicinity.”

Detonating an anti-power bomb in the middle of New York City has major repercussions for several Marvel characters. “There are some Marvel characters who might die if they don't have their powers. So quite a lot of drama is coming,” Bendis said.

This sounds like "No More Mutants" but for the other heroes/villains.  So... what do you think about a "No More Powers" bomb??

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I  I think Bendis ideas are getting dumber, dumber, and dumber. How much longer is Marvel going to put up with him? The New Avengers is a bad read, heck the only reason I still collect it is for Hawkeye/Clint. The whole "House of M' thing, was a disaster. Secret Invasion was OK, but it had so much more potential, and characters were so not their persona. I do have to admit that Dark Reign is great so far, but I hope it doesn't let me down like Secret Invasion did. I wish that Marvel would just get it over with and combine both teams or disassemble the New Avengers all together.

#3 Posted by War Killer (20878 posts) - - Show Bio

This could be good, the New Avenegrs and Dark Avengers have been trying to beat the crap out of each other and now their both going to ne less powerful

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