#16.1 a good starting point?

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Okay so my flatmate has got me into comics and I've been looking for some recently started arcs to get into. From my research, New Avengers 16.1 is just that. Although I'm confused as to why it's called .1, and not 17. Is it shorter? Is it a variation on 16? Is iit even the start of an arc haha?

Appreciate the help.

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It's the 'Point One' initiative by Marvel. Any issue that comes out that's a #.1 is meant to act as good jumping on point for the series. Some are, some aren't. Story-wise, New Avengers 16.1 is an great starting point, though it may help to have a bit of knowledge on who Norman Osborn is and what he's been up to recently (I'm sure Comic Vine can help with that though!). Have to say that I didn't like the artwork in the issue, though some review I've seen loved it. Not the regular artist for the series though.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks man, I'll make sure to keep an eye out for any point one issues now.

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