New Avengers #10

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The Good

Jonathan Hickman writes this issue. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to quantify exactly why that’s a great thing, but here we are, here he is, and we’re for seven in terms of the quality of this event. This is the book where, more than others, we get to see the psychological toll taken on the heroes and big players of this event. Reed Richards momentarily forgets himself, Beast is unaware of the limitations placed on this group, Dr. Strange is most definitely not himself, Namor and T’Challa are having trouble seeing eye-to-eye and is Tony Stark even HERE any more?? Despite these guys being some of the biggest, heaviest hitters in the Marvel Universe, even their minds are unravelling at just how bad everything’s gotten and how much they’re being stretched to their absolute limits. Tonally this is definitely the darkest book of Infinity and this issue definitely reminds the reader of that with careful, nuanced portrayals of familiar characters.

Mike Deodato really was and is the absolute correct choice for this project. He and Frank Martin, on colors, match the darker, more bleak outlook that this book has. The characters communicate so much to each other and the reader without saying anything (and that’s not even counting Black Bolt). Some things are obvious, some are inferred but with the art being as top-notch as it is, both work equally well because there are ticks and tells behind the eyes of all the main characters. This is one of the most interesting books to read as well as just look at.

The Bad

Can’t think of anything. Even if you’re a fan of New Avengers and don’t care about Infinity, this is remarkably self-contained and could have just been its own arc in the series.

The Verdict

Whether you’re fully invested in Infinity or not, whether you’re a longtime reader of New Avengers or just love superhero comics in general, there’s not a single reason not to pick up this title. Grab the previous ones if you can find them, but rest assured that this is an easy book to follow and catch up on. I feel like how great it is might be getting swallowed up or overshadowed by the other Infinity titles because, as I stated before, this would have worked without the tie-in. Absolute highest recommendation.

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Loved it. This supplements Infinity perfectly and it is a great book on it's own as well. Their interactions with each other are great, and I am very excited to see how this all plays out.

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Great issue indeed 5/5

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new avengers is one of the greatest comic book series out there and this issue proves it once again.

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Awesome sauce!

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@undeadpool In the whole Infinity series, when I'm reading this, do I read this one or Infinity 3 first?

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loving this book. lot of fun. Namor is a liar by the way.

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I LOVE this book, and I LOVE Deodato. Infinity is amazing so far.

MINOREST of nit-picks, doesn't Beast look like Donkey Kong in the first panel?! He looks so cartoony compared to the others!

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Really can't wait.

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Did thanos kill Black Dwarf? Wow just great issue.

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Did thanos kill Black Dwarf? Wow just great issue.

I dont think so, he says he migth "call on him again"

Just pwnd his orange ass lol.

Great issue just wish it was longer.

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@savagedragon: Oh okay maybe just punished him. Yeah it felt too fast.

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Really nice issue.

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This book is as good as it's ever been, but I can't help but wish this Infinity stuff would just end. I don't care about Thanos or his seed, or his henchmen.

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I don't see how these Three books (Infinity, Avengers, New Avengers) can't be considered anything other than the complete Infinity story. You know Hickman wants to just write a giant 100 page comic every month for six plus months to tell this story.

Hello people. You are reading the one of the greatest Marvel Stories ever. And it's only half way through! Hell Yeah!

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Infinity rocks. New Avengers rocks. Deodato rocks. 'Nuff said!

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Love this book. I think I'm going to be disappointed if Maximus turns out to be the son of Thanos. I don't think it would make sense logically but there is a resemblance in terms of dangerously strategic minds. Maximus the Mad, the Mad Titan. I don't know dude. It could be cool or super cliche. Hickman hasn't let me down yet so I'm ready to have my brain explode.

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