Didn't We All kinda See This Coming? (Spoilers)

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I admit I didn't see it coming in the first 5 issues of the book, as soon as i see the cover of it i knew exactly what was going to happen.  Out of everyone on the cover 2 of them already been killed (Mockingbird, Dr Strange), Wolverine cant really be killed (and he features in half of Marvel's books, so i think i would have heard about him dying), and we just got done with "Luke Cage is Dead or Dying" earlier this year.  So that really just leaves Ms Marvel and Brother Voodoo...let me rephrase that, Marvel's central superheroine that they spent years bring to the center spotlight or a brand new Sorcerer Supreme that most people don't read about much...oh and the former Sorcerer Supreme just happens to be knee deep in this  storyline.  So needless to say i wasnt terribly surprised by the outcome.  However, it served its purpose...as Strange said, there is no Sorcerer Supreme now which easily leaves the way paved for him to take over again a little wiser and more humble then before.  then POOF...Dr Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.  Has a nicer ring to it then Brother Voodoo, Sorcerer Supreme doesnt it?  Storyline mechanisms and plot devices aside, I have loved the book so far.  I've always been a major X-men collector not so much Avengers, but now with Marvel sprinkling X-men and New Warriors characters around Avengers, I've decided to start up and so far I'm please.  I think its a little weird to have Thing on the team and I'm still not really used to Wolverine and Spider-man as Avengers but so far so good and all other changes have been great so until it gets lame and tired with all these extra book they've got my vote!

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@Gold Dust Boi: Voodoo is dead & Strange is back as top magician?  Already??
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@xerox-kitty: Change is the enemy, xerox!
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" @xerox-kitty: Change is the enemy, xerox! "

Heh, yeah.  I know comics don't actually change... but sometimes they look like they might stay a bit different for a couple of years before changing back to the way they were before ;)   
Still, I really AM surprised that this has changed so quickly since all the big writers were so busy patting themselves on the back with this story.  It's barely been a year and they've had to kill the new guy off to put Strange back in his rightful place?!  Not only is it quick, but that's a pretty harsh way to dispose of Voodoo ;) 
Hopefully Strange will save Casey's soul, now he has the pwer to do it :) 
Next thing you know, Nightcrawler will be popping round for tea... ;)
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>_< i hate marvel i don't care if mockingbird was allready killed in this comic she is useless and she should have been killed
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I personally hate the idea of New Avengers all together, we don't need TWO Avengers team's, and I don't care if they deal with all of the magic stuff in the Marvel U, the main Avengers team could easily deal with that stuff as well and would bring more stories to the series. Plus I'd personally like to see Bendis focus on ONE Avengers book, the whole "Family" aspect he has in New Avengers is completely absent in the main Avengers title and I hate that, I'd actually like to see come character interaction and some witty banters between the two, not the Avengers standing around until Wonder Man or Red Hulk come smashing through the building.

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@War Killer: 
I agree

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