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Who is the true master of the mystic arts? Well, it ain't Doctor Strange and it ain't Doctor Voodoo. The bad news is he's here and he is in charge. And he is gleefully ripping this dimension apart, piece by piece, in his search for relics of power. How are the legacies of Iron Fist, Doctor Strange and Wolverine connected? Find out here in this brand new eye-popper from Bendis and Immonen! Backup feature: Another brand new oral history of the Avengers chapter by Bendis!

Stuck in a car in the street, Victoria Hand, the woman in charge of the New Avengers is frustrated with her situation. She doesn't want to be their leader.

In a strange dimension, Iron Fist is confronted by voices, confused by how he has survived the journey. Iron Fist demands to know who he is talking to. Back on Earth, the New Avengers battle demons who have arrived through the tear in the sky. Jessica Jones flies back to the mansion to rescue her baby, only to find Victoria Hand with a large gun, which she uses to shoot some demons. Jessica thanks her and goes inside. Doctor Strange, Voodoo and Hellstrom go to Voodoo's Sanctum Sanctorum in New Orleans to figure out who is attacking them.

In the alternate dimension, Iron Fist fights the strange voices. Then one reveals himself to be the Ancient One.

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