sora_thekey's New Avengers: The Reunion #1 - The Lady Vanishes review

For a guy who didn't know Mockingbird

Here's the thing I never knew Mockingbird existed untli Secret Invasion.
Automatically I loved her character and the relationship she shares with Clint.... but the problem with this issue is one single thing. Bobbi is in her stelth mode trying to save the world on her own, on the second page she is seen searching a locker with a mirror inside, her reflection is not her own, the question that it arrises is.... Is that a skrull (because on the reflection it is) or are they trying to show you that she has picked up a thing or two from the skrulls?

I wasn't very fond of the art but the cover art was beautiful!!! I loved it a lot!

I want to know what happens later on so this issue is a must-read in my opinion because yes we know now Mockingbird is not dead but that rises more questions yet.....

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