blue_shield's New Avengers: The Reunion #1 - The Lady Vanishes review

'Bird is back

 ** Some Spoilers **               

New Avengers: The Reunion #1 returns Mockingbird to action in the Marvel Universe.  In Dark Reign: New Nation Bobbi tells Clint she needs some space, in this issue we start to see what she's doing.  Clint, not being one to let things go, tracks her down, with the help of Captain America.  After battling A.I.M. Agents at a Hospital, Clint finally badgers the purpose of what Mockingbird is doing out of her.  Mockingbird's mission is to find those connected to the 'Secret Invasion' that may still be on Earth.  Bobbi plans to stop them alone, but Clint has other plans.  I liked the issue well enough, the art was okay, but it seemed that it relied heavily on the coloring to provide depth and shade, but maybe they planned it that way. Overall I liked it and want to read issue #2.

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