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In this issue Dr. Strange starts out in a bit of a daze when Reed interrupts him and asks if everything is okay, he responds saying that Clea left him, but Reed doesn't seem to know who she is even though Strange says they met 32 times. Strange says that she left to go fight demons in the dark dimension she thought that that was better than being married and a protege to Dr Strange.

Then Iron man comes in and is told about Clea, he answers with saying that he's sorry and she was very attractive which ticks off Strange. Then Black Bolt and Charles enter and they start talking about how Charles dated outside the species.

Iron man says that they don't know how lucky you married guys are, he's putting to much energy into finding someone to be with. Charles says that Black Bolt is laughing in his mind saying that Medusa never lets him get a word in. Reed then cuts in saying that Sue is great but when he's not there at the right time she just leaves the mansion. Iron man asks where she goes and Reed says that he knows where she goes with Namor standing behind them. He says that Reed keeps his wife in a cage. He says that they met dated a little and then he gave her powers and she was forced to live in Reeds tower, he then says that she loves and she's not going to leave him, he says that he's tried. He tells Reed that he needs to devout part of everyday to his wife and children.

They start to get annoyed of this conversation when Iron man says that he slept with Madame Masque, the rest don't know who she is and Iron man says that they should move on.

A kree named Noh-Varr (Marvel Boy) has declared war on earth and right now he's imprisoned and there is a major fear of escape and also they think that the imprisonment of Noh-Varr would anger the Kree empire. Iron man says that they should use Charles to change Noh-Varr's mind. Charles says no because eventually he would figure out that something is wrong about his decision and also there is a major molar line that they could never come back from. Namor comes up with a suggestion that they should talk in his language, violence.

Namor appears out of nowhere in Noh's cell and says to stand. Noh says for Namor to put some pants on, Namor then beats Noh's head into the ground. Namor says that when he declared war on Earth he declared war on the atlanteans. Namor then continues to beat him up until Noh gets up in Attilan which he seemed to figure out that it's one of Charles's illusions. Charles admits to this but tells Noh that the Kree had a vision for earth and they wanted earth to be protected so they could reach those visions. Then Black Bolt talks and says that when the Inhumans are of Kree descent and when you declare war on earth you declare war on himself. Then it's back to his cell where Namor tells him that he's an immature brat. Namor continues to beat up Noh which ends in another illusion but this time it's with Reed who explains to Noh-Varr about Captain Marvel who wanted to protect earth trying to tell him that this is who he could be, a hero to the earthlings.

Then it's Iron man's turn who says that earth will evolve into something great you just need to give it a chance to evolve. They tell him that he can either be the next captain Marvel or he could live the rest of his life in jail. They tell him to earn his way out to freedom and that's when they leave him. It skips to Reed at home sitting next to his sleeping son Franklin Richards when Sue enters and Reed asks if tomorrow she would like to go on a date and a family picnic. Then it cuts to Iron man and Strange at their homes looking very depressed out of something said today.

The issue ends with Noh-Varr in his cell saying Captain Marvel.

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