lostlantern13's New Avengers Finale #1 - The New Avengers Finale review

The New New Avengers Take a Bow

The Finale of "New Avengers" before we get a number re-set for the third version of the (New New) New Avengers. It's important to read Siege #4 before this, but I'm sure you've done that by now. Picking up on the previous issue, Hood and Madame Masque are on the run. Will the New Avengers catch them?

- Here's your double-issue packed full of action and storyline resolution. I felt it was well worth the price on the cover.
- Where better to start than the art? Hitch's better in the Ultimate U, but he's still much better than some of the recent artists on "New Avengers." I dislike some of the shadow work, but I really thought the character work was great. The faces, the consistency, and the proportion work are all great. Even the background detail was fantastic.
- Normally, changes in art isn't what I like. However, in this flashback/celebration of the book it works well. Great to relieve those great Avenger moments. Easily my favorite moment of the book.
- Bendis delivers a great big chase and battle scene along with some "Siege" fallout. He delivers his usual knack for dialogue, and an all around good script.

- I had read "Avengers: The Initiative" before this and was somewhat spoiled on the end. It would've been nice to have a warning, but it did undercut some of the drama here.
- The Hood's been a star of "New Avengers" as much as the team itself has. That's not bad, but I'm just a bit tired of him. Hopefully, they'll keep him off the radar for a while. I need a break.
- Gave compliments on the art, but Wolverine looked weird almost any time he was drawn.

I have been calling for all the Avengers books to end with a bang. I can safely say "New Avengers" dud. It was what you'd expect: action-packed, full team featured, and the past revisited. Bendis and Avenger fans should be happy with both finales for the New and Dark books. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone following the Avengers, Siege, or Bendis.    


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