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The End!

The New Avengers Finale

This book could have been called New Avengers/Hood for the last year or more.   This was less of a finale though and more of a fail.   I was expecting so much more from a book titled as it was.   This one kind of let me down.   At $5.00 this let down felt almost like a waste.   The art wasn’t great, sometimes I couldn’t tell if it was Ronin or Steve Rodgers in the panel.   Some of the overall art is just bad though.   The only saving grace was the spread page gallery type ending.   This ending was pretty much a brief walk-through of where the New Avengers have been and where they are heading.

The story itself revolves around the New Avengers going after the Hood.   Of coarse it wouldn’t be a NA comic without Parker Robins.   By the way did anybody else know some obscure marvel knowledge?   Count Nefaria is Madame Masque’s father.   I’m a marvel geek through and through and I didn’t know that.

So MM and Hood go to her daddy’s place to hide out after the fall of Osborn’s forces at Broxton .   Count Nefaria is a really nice guy and offers to power up Parker for the small price of…EVERYTHING.    That’s right, he wants everything that the Hood has made since he came up in the criminal world.   I guess that was the right price because Mr. Robins was ready to do it.

Then enter the New Avengers.   They get there in Fury’s aircraft.   Why?   I don’t know, but they probably realize that only 1 flier on the team was a mistake in roster design.   The rest of the issue is the equivalent of a bad movie.   (Or just a movie in general.)   The art was sloppy and inconsistent.   Thankfully it was over.   This series ended on what I believe to be a low note.   They could have done something more with it than this, it felt like more of a forum to put Hood up on a pedestal than it did a superhero comic.

3 out of 5 REBOOTS    


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