grim's New Avengers Annual #3 - [untitled] review

Flippin Sweet!

 ...i bought 3 Marvel comics today. I ... i left two DC titles on the shelf so i could get them.  
...and....and im Happy i did. 
 I'm not giving anything away to those who have read the stuff leading up to this one, but its flippin sweet! 
 I've been very vocal about my stance on Marvel. I hate most of the stories. but i love most of the characters. 
 Well, Avengers Annual is the best of Both story and character.  and FANTASTIC art.
  I have never been a big Hawkeye (aka Ronin) fan, but this is easily Clint at his coolest. You also get to see some hilarious Dark Avengers dialogue, and  someone's return to hero action (it should be fairly obvious who). And the art is perfect for the rather epic last page.
  Im giving it a 4 1/2. I think i might be buying allot of Marvel over the next few months... sigh. but at least it will be worth it.

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