universal_mind's New Avengers Annual #2 - The Trust, Pt. 7 review

I miss Yu, but the series goes on strong....

First of all I miss the fantastic art of Yu...but you gatta move on. This story only gets better and on top of it, these guys are in the middle of the whole INVASION story coming up, so having followed every issue of New Avengers I feel right in there. So, Dr strange has limitations...who knew. He until this iss. showed no injury from WWH, and what seemed to be the gangster of the mystic arts, finally remembers his reason for being a master. Love it... Then Cages wife goes to Starks tower...I understand tiring to protect your child, but you do have a baby's father who is pretty tough. But she definitely does not stick by her man. Although part of me doesn't blame her. The Hood and his thugs came off correct for a surprise ambush. For a band of "C" rated criminals together their like a supped up mobb. I gotta give it to the writer's. Finally the Hood looks like he is either really crazy or he has a bigger villain behind him, I vote both. I’m gonna look to see some skrully influence here. Face it the New Aven. went off the map. + with the registration act it gave anyone a chance to catalogue the heroes of earth, especially if you wanted a list of the people who could be a threat and would have to eliminate. So according to the "Art of War" Know your enemy...Skulls would need to uncover the New Aven. so they could incorporate them in the final blow....IM definitely posted to the comic shop for this INVASION coming because Ill be invading the comic shops as well...no pun really..


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