greendart's New Avengers Annual #2 - The Trust, Pt. 7 review

Butt Kicking Galore!

Does anyone else feel like the last couple issues of New Avengers have felt the same? In this issue the Avengers fight the Hood's army, with the same results as last time. There are some interesting developments with Dr. Strange,(I'm glad they referenced what happened with him during World War Hulk) and Luke Cage's marriage appears to be going a different way then i thought, which is a good thing. Ronin and Echo look like they are going to hook up soon, which i guess is cool. I like how Bendis manages to slip in these moments amongst all the crazyness of the fight going on.

I really, really like Pagulayan's art on this issue. Stylistically it is very similar to Yu's, so there is a definite continuity, but it feels cleaner and it is a lot easier to follow.

Overall this was a solid issue, nothing spectacular, yet no major glares either.

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