pspin's New Avengers #33 - War Drumm review

New Avengers # 33 Review

New Avengers # 33 Review


Doctor Strange and the team deal with what is happening.

The Good:

The story is pretty good. Having Brother Voodoo’s brother attacking the team from the ramifications of issue 6 is nice to see the series getting closure in that regard and here there are no pointless deaths. Seeing Doctor Strange going into super-badass mode is pretty cool.

Brian Michael Bendis does a fairly good job here with giving everyone their dues and keeping the story moving at a fair pace.

The art by Michael Oeming is good, if you like the cartoony style. Some scenes it works out well but some it does not.

The Bad:

This isn’t Bendis’s best work on the series. This arc seems thrown together at the last minute and honestly like filler. The series was great before but seems to be going out with a whimper. The beginning was a bit confusing as it covers the end of the last issue for a page or two.

The worst part is that as someone who has read the whole series and cares about the characters, I really don’t care that they are in a lot of trouble here. I don’t know if it is the writing or what but it is hard to really feel for them in this situation. Part of it stems from the fact that all of the magical characters are dying, again, but they will come back fairly soon; but then Victoria Hand, who died last issue, will probably stay dead forever.

The art doesn’t really fit the mood of the story. It is good art but it is a little too happy at some points to be able to elevate the story to the next level.

The cover is rather misleading.


A fast pace and interesting topic can’t really save the issue from the mediocrity of the writing and the unfitting art. It is funny how much art can set the mood and this is a perfect example of good art not fitting the story. Overall the issue falls a little flat when compared to how good the series has been.

3 out of 5

Side Note: Victoria Hand’s death last issue better have been a Life Model Decoy like in this issue.


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