pspin's New Avengers #31 - The End Times Begin review

New Avengers #31 Review

New Avengers #31 Review


As the team deals with the implication of Luke and Jessica leaving, bad things happen to magical people.

The Good:

The dialogue in the issue is as always great to read, every character gets a few lines but it never seems overcrowded and you can tell that everyone on the team is great friends. This really makes the issue a bit of a downer since they talk about breaking up the entire time but it also makes then seem so human that it is amazing. Some might criticize it for being choppy and short in some parts and long in others but it is natural and easy to see what would happen if two people were actually talking. Brian Michael Bendis has once again does a great job.

The art by Michael Gaydos is better at the end. While I can see some people liking the style, it is not my favorite.

The Bad:

I miss Mike Deodato and his art, it fit the series perfectly and now that it is gone, it is that much clearer. Gaydos tries to replicate the panel style that Deodato uses and he makes it work but I would like to see his own style instead. There is something about the art and I am not sure what it is, the pencils, inks or colors that just doesn’t sit right. The colors by Rain Beredo might be the culprit because the bright scenes are great while the darker ones aren’t as good. This isn’t saying that Gaydos is bad, there are a few series like Mighty Thor or more magic based series where it would work great; it is just that it doesn’t quite compliment the story here the way that Deodato’s did.


A great story that has great interactions between the characters and makes them seems like real people but hampered a bit by different art. Overall it is setting up for an interesting story that brings the volume (?run?) full circle by bringing back a certain character and it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

4 (3.75) out of 5


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