pspin's New Avengers #28 - Breakout from the X-Brig review

New Avengers #28 Review

New Avengers #28 Review


Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, and Hawkeye are imprisoned in the X-Brig and stuff goes down.

The Good:

This series has been excellent lately, all of the AvX tie-ins have been great and this issue is no exception. As far as the story goes it involves Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, and Hawkeye are trying to escape the X-Brig and none of them are sitting quietly. The twist, which I won’t mention because of spoilers, is amazing and really changes the whole story when it is reread. It also brings up certain implications and makes you think.

The dialogue is great. Bendis really knocks it out of the park with some of the issue that the imprisoned Avengers bring up really resonate with the tone that AvX has taken and this is better than the main series in a way.

The art by Mike Deodato is, as always, awesome. The art just goes so well with the story that it brings it to a whole new level. The colors by Rain Beredo are very dark and dreary and they really set the tone for the story so well that this could almost be a silent issue but that would leave us without the amazing dialogue.

The Bad:

The issue itself has nothing wrong with it.

However the timing of the publication of this issue is a week off and will probably spoil part of issue 8 of AvX. This is not the issue‘s fault and will not impact the score but dammit Marvel get your crap together, this series has been off ever since AvX started and it is really, really annoying.


Another excellent tie-in that really blew me away with the ending, once again Bendis and Deodato prove that they are a formidable pair as they continue to deliver a great series. This is also a good spot for new readers as long as you are familiar with what is happening with AvX.

5 out of 5

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