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Useless and unecessary

After reading this comic I can't shake the feeling that I just completely wasted my time and money doing so.

Maybe I'm out of touch, but since when does anyone give a crap about Iron Fist? I certainly don't know anyone who does. Hell, most people don't know who the hell he is, and I really wish I could be one of those people.

Pointless story plus horrible art? Total fail, no stars.

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Posted by Daycrawler

Um, I like Iron Fist. And the art too.

Posted by Squares

@Daycrawler: Then it looks like you have something to look forward to, because there's more where this came from on the way.

Posted by Daycrawler

@Squares: Huzzah! I thought the story was pretty good, and I know nothing about the Iron Fist mythology. I viewed the story as mythos building to broaden out the overall AvX back-story and integrate the PF further into the rest of the MU. Sure they could have done this as a one-shot or mini series, but that would have been extra bucks to shell out. Given the amount of Avengers action going on elswhere I'm happy enough if this story takes place in the New Avengers title and saves me cash into the bargain. Still, I can see where you're coming from and that this approach won't be to everyones taste.

Posted by Squares

@Daycrawler:The Phoenix Force doesn't really need to be further integrated into the Marvel Universe, IMHO.

Posted by broo1232

I don't like Iron Fist but I like the artwork.

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