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shockingly lazy and it's sad that that is no surprise from Marvel

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The one-line solicitation reads "Iron Fist discovers the shocking connection between himself and the cosmic Phoenix Force". What's fun is that one thing doesn't even happen. Iron Fist isn't in the issue at all and he certainly doesn't discover anything. Instead we as readers discover the "shocking" connection between himself and the cosmic Phoenix Force. Or that's to say we discover it across several double page splashes and in one instance an EXACT copy of the same splash page already featured in the issue!

This isn't a New Avengers issue, no Avengers whatsoever appear. It's a problem Bendis has always had when it comes to tie-ins. His Secret Invasion issues of New Avengers and Mighty Avengers regularly had nothing to do with either teams and were just explaining stuff he couldn't be bothered to explain elsewhere. I get the feeling from this issue this is going to be the exact same for Avengers vs. X-Men. Much like Secret Avengers, it seems this tenuous Immortal Weapons/Phoenix Force development is about as worthwhile to the main Avengers vs. X-Men story as the Captain Marvel/Phoenix Force one over in that book. It just feels a lot of these tie-ins are just "use the Phoenix Force in some way".

The art by Deodato is ok, or it would be if every single image wasn't spread across two whole pages. It's a problem that we've had with Bendis since he started on Avengers. He seems to think things have to be cinematic and epic and the only way he thinks to convey that is to have his talented artists draw everything across two pages. I touched on it before, but a major criticism of Deodato's work this issue is he actually flat-out reuses a piece of art. One of the first pages is a splash page of a Phoenix possessed Immortal Weapon and about half way through the book he reuses that exact image as part of a nightmare. It's shockingly lazy and it's sad that that is no surprise from Marvel.

This is just a bunch of nothing. Again. And again it feels like another damn prologue to Avengers vs. X-Men. It's worse as it seems every title Marvel are slapping the AvX banner on is either a prologue like this, has almost nothing to do with it like Avengers #25 or is just offensively out of step with AvX's continuity like Secret Avengers #26. This is a bad New Avengers issue. It's silly that Marvel have went to all this effort to get people who see the movie to buy Avengers books, because how do you think they'd respond if they picked this garbage up and found it doesn't have a single Avenger in it?

Posted by primepower53

Read this earlier and forgot to give it a review!


Posted by X35

@primepower53: Now it's just a curiosity thing... i wanna see just how bad it's gonna get.

Posted by primepower53

@X35: understandable...

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