dark_noldor's New Avengers #17 review

Industrial Espionage

I consider this issue as a setback of all the good things that Bendis & Deodato have conquered and established in the past 5 issues in the title, not only because the story was a little bizarre (Iron MAn needs help and is aided by the New Avengers? Don't think so, much more likely that his buddies of the Avengers would attend this call), but because how the breaking news of the next plot (the whole Norman Osborn taking over the leadership of H.A.M.M.E.R. and other criminal organizations) weren't as interesting or original as it could be, in one word, it was boring (Come on, another story involving giant robots, after all the scraped metal in Fear Itself!?!?) - the dialogues were ok, but Wolverine's behavior and the whole "let's kick some ass and not listen to Tony Stark's words" were terrible, also how Norman adapted his plan, in order to avoid a total waste of his efforts was very dull and unnatural, just didn't fit right - even Deodato was a little of his game, the art wasn't top notch as costume, he abused shadows and the shrapnel from the robot was very bad, the action frames weren't balances and the scenarios were ridiculously distributed and penciled - Will Conrad did a better job at the end of the story in what seemed the best part of this issue, showing Norman's view of the fight! Hope things get back in track next issue!


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