ironherc's New Avengers #17 review

Finally! a proper team book! Was it really so hard Bendis?

After having to deal with two long average story arcs (issue 1-6 and 9-13) The tittle is finally feeling like a superhero team book since issue 16 which just turned epic (Daredevil joining as I read Mark Waid's run is a big treat). Now at a post fear itself we get to see our heroes fighting a brand new Ultimo controlled by none other than H.A.M.M.E.R's forces.

The issue starts simply with most of the team arriving at Stark Resilient which is being attacked by Ultimo (Why do I keep thinking of Stan Lee's manga every time I hear that name?) as the N. Avengers rush to the robot like any typical superhero would do. Iron man keeps warning them till Ultimo returns all the kinetic power back at them and they still end up taking it down. With Wolverine being attacked by a robot that took his blood and fled before Ms Marvel could catch it. In another perspective, we get to see how Norman Osborn and his allies being responsible for the attack as his main objective was to get an iron man armor, seems like he still can't let the Iron Patriot thing go. After seeing how they got the wolverine blood. They decides to blow Ultimo up...

The Good:

This feels like a team book again. There is nice action where most of the team can go all out against a big threat and left us with a nice cliffhanger. It's weird seeing Strange still on the team when I was thinking he was going to be full time Defender (well his series isn't out yet I guess he can stay a little longer if he does leave). The art is good and I can't wait for more.

The Bad:

No daredevil in this issue and Iron Man was useless (probably saw that this wasn't his tittle and let them do their stuff)

Overall: 4.5/5

Great start to what it seems it will be a great story arc which might tie in with Avengers. Hope it keeps up.......and I'm taking about you bendis, make sure you keep your series a good team book like we all wanted to since the beginning. Oh yes and the dark avengers will appear next issue as well and I can't wait


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