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    Super Soldier, not Superhuman 0

    Not to nitpick too much but Mockingbird is, allegedly, now supposed to have a similar ‘power’ set as Captain America, right? Anyone else feel like they over stepped this a bit? She is leaping tall buildings, as it were, scaling the attacking mech, punching through their cockpit windows, jumping from them while they fly and then explode and landing unscathed. Just feels like they were so anxious to make her a super soldier they have crossed into just giving her super powers.   The peak of human c...

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    A Super-Soldier FIghts Nazis. No, Nothing to do with Cap. 0

    Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato begin their Fear Itself tie-in with an issue that focuses on Mockingbird and not the character featured on the cover. The Thing, and his transformation into one of the Worthy, only tangentially has anything to do with this issue. But cover misdirection is nothing new, and this is still a well done issue in spite of it.  The nice thing about this Mockingbird-focused issue is that Mockingbird is a character who has been rather neglected by Bendis since Secret ...

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