xkoenig's New Avengers #13 - Infinity, part 5 review

Hey, I liked it!

I agree with the other reviewer about this arc, now it's finished: yeah, Howard Chaykin is not to my taste as an artist. That messed up my enjoyment of what I think is actually a good entry in the ongoing New Avengers story. The back story with Victoria Hand is proving to be even more interesting than I thought it would be at first. And I'm curious to see what the future is now this latest Mockingbird story is done. Now Bendis needs to go somewhere with the team he's got here. Mike Deodato on art is a great move. I like the team line-up. Let's have a really good new arc to come next (I guess Fear Itself is next, but after that!).


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    1959 is Finally Over!!! 0

    Looking at what others have said, it is good to know that I am not alone with feeling as though the 1959 Avengers have been a big waste of time.  I would stand by my feelings either way, but it is good to have some validation.  The Good Hands down, Mike Deodato's art if great!  He helps tell the story in creative and visually stunning ways.  Besides that, I can't give much more praise.  I do like how Bendis wrties the characters of this Avengers team, but stretching the combined "Bobbi's been cr...

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