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If this issue could be summed up in one word, it would be "bluh." 0

One of my first ever comic memories was reading an old issue of Avengers: West Coast where Bobbi Barton, aka Mockingbird, died as a result of a fireball to the back. The cover was embossed in red foil - it was horrible. Now, years later, I look at a collapsed Mockingbird on the cover of New Avengers and hoping it's a little bit better.The GoodEveryone has a role in this issue, which I think is something team books are lacking. Especially with larger teams like the New Avengers, giving everyone s...

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Hey, I liked it! 0

I agree with the other reviewer about this arc, now it's finished: yeah, Howard Chaykin is not to my taste as an artist. That messed up my enjoyment of what I think is actually a good entry in the ongoing New Avengers story. The back story with Victoria Hand is proving to be even more interesting than I thought it would be at first. And I'm curious to see what the future is now this latest Mockingbird story is done. Now Bendis needs to go somewhere with the team he's got here. Mike Deodato on ar...

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Well... the '59 Avengers Were Pointless 0

Finally, the New Avengers take back this series and the '59 Avengers take a backseat as this story arc comes to a conclusion. While Brian Michael Bendis does succeed in tying the two story threads together, he doesn't do so in a way that really justifies the '59 Avengers tangent that dominated previous issues.  Let's get this out of the way first. The '59 Avengers plot in this story arc turns out to be completely unnecessary. Yes, it does introduce the variation of the Infinity Formula is a majo...

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New Avengers #13 0


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1959 is Finally Over!!! 0

Looking at what others have said, it is good to know that I am not alone with feeling as though the 1959 Avengers have been a big waste of time.  I would stand by my feelings either way, but it is good to have some validation.  The Good Hands down, Mike Deodato's art if great!  He helps tell the story in creative and visually stunning ways.  Besides that, I can't give much more praise.  I do like how Bendis wrties the characters of this Avengers team, but stretching the combined "Bobbi's been cr...

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"The thing that keeps me looking so pretty as I come close to... 0

my hundredth birthday." --Nick Fury    First of all the cover by Mike Deadato Jr. is awesome and it is delightful that he does the interior here as well.  This issue, before you judge it to be horrible from the rating I've given it, suffers from incorporating the 1959 "Avengers" story in its fold. That story doesn't have much relevance to the revolving story in the current continuity and the art shift between the two is radical.  The one in current continuity is okay although it felt slightly sl...

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