dark_noldor's New Avengers #12 - Infinity, Part 4 Secrets review

"What did you do?"

For once I´m enjoying the New Avengers title, I believe that with this new arc story Bendis found a good angle to explore and the fact that he´s working again with Mike Deodato Jr. is positive, because it appears that the chemistry between these two is paying off, I really enjoyed the dynamics of the New Avengers´story, the anger that Clint is feeling, the whole good cop, bad cop thing going on in the police station and especially the shocking (yet allready foreseen) revelation in the end of this issue - the best thing about this issue was definitely Wolverine in the precint, it was dam funny and well executed by Deodato, great art - that been said, what the crazy and useless piece of story was that whole Fury assembling Avengers in the late 50s? That was horrible, terrible execution, the dialogues were a total ruin, some of Chaykin´s art was so bad I couldn´t even look at it, what was the purpose of all that? Kraven missing shots? Sabretooth not following orders? A shiny content in the briefcase never to be revealed? Why did this get published in the first place? "What did you do?" Marvel? I was still lingering in the hope that possibly there would be a connection with Superia, but no, not even that - a Nazi Captain America? Come on, this was a total disrespect with the readers, again the editorial hot shots at Marvel bad a real bad decision in doing this lame story. I´m torn apart about this last arc story, because at one hand I loved it for seeing Deodato again penciling Wolverine, Spider-Man and enjoyed a lot his art, and at the other hand I hated the story of Fury and his "Avengers", so I don´t recommend this!
3 out 5

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