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What Thanos Wants

So far Infinity has been a fantastic event, and one of the best that Marvel has produced in recent years, with the main tie-ins being just as interesting as the main event, as well as slightly better at times. In fact the last issue of this is the best issue that I feel the event has produced so far.


Black Bolt has informed the rest of the Illuminati members about Thanos' secret son and how they must find him. Also Thanos isn't overall happy with the news that his Cull Obsidian have brought him.


This was a fantastic issue, and although not quite as good as the last still one of the better Infinity has produced so far. Jonathan Hickman has been producing some of his best work on this event, as juggling one story over three series' can't be easy, but Hickman manages to do it brilliantly. This issue continues from where Infinity #2 left off as although some people haven't liked the development being through three series, I personally feel that they work into each other perfectly. This issue itself was very dramatic, and exciting, with amazing dialogue and encounters, though it didn't have too much development which stopped it from being perfect.

The art in this issue was outstanding, and Mike Deodato, Jr. did a phenomenal job. The detail in his artwork is simply amazing, as everything looks so crisp and neat. I also loved the layout from Deodato Jr. in this issue, as well as the way he showed the characters emotions, as although it can be slightly stiff and awkward looking at times, for the majority of the issue it's amazing. I will however now move onto the small thing that bugged me, and that was how he drew Beast. The artwork itself was nice and brilliantly detailed, but I felt that he looked too much like a gorilla, also being way too big, dwarfing the rest of the Illuminati whilst sitting round a table. I did however prefer his artwork on Thanos this time round.

The last issue of Infinity would show that besides the remaining Infinity Gem, Thanos is also looking for his son, wanting him dead. That was an amazing development from the event, and I loved how it continued in this issue. I also found the discussion between Black Bolt, and his fellow Illuminati members to be very interesting, and their reaction to the news was also very enjoyable. I've also loved in general how Hickman has allowed Black Bolt a chance to speak without destroying everything nearby, and how he's becoming a key part of this story.

Ultimately Black Bolt would task his fellow Illuminati members with finding Thanos son, preventing his death. Now I won't go into too much discussion over how this affected the plot of this issue as to avoid spoilers, but I will say my thoughts on the discussion the remaining Illuminati members had once they left Black Bolt. The sequence itself was very dramatic, with plenty of suspense. It also had a brilliant atmosphere, and overall had a lot of tone to it, showing the different emotions of the Illuminati perfectly.

This issue would also see Thanos' Cull Obsidian return with the information they gathered. Now Thanos being apart of this event has been what I've been most interested in, but up till now I feel that we haven't seen him at his best, as although he's used people to do his work in the past, it's always better when he has a more hands on approach. This issue would however show more of the Thanos I love, as he would show his disgust at Black Dwarf's failure, also adding a lot of excitement to the issue.

Final Verdict

Although not quite as good as the last issue this was yet another brilliant instalment in the Infinity event, following on from Infinity #2 perfectly. The issue itself was very dramatic and exciting, though it did lack in action, being more of a set-up issue. I would however highly recommend this issue, and the event so far, and will be moving straight onto Infinity #3 which was also out this week.

Rating: 9/10

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