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Nevole is a member of the God-like race of beings known as the First. Although she most likely chose to align herself with House Dexter, she does not show either House symbol on her body when seen. Her name is derived from the word benevolence and governs her personality. She seems to be the official foster mother of the Secundae who are abandoned at birth by their parents. She aided Trenin when he brought her Seahn for safe keeping while he hunted his mother, the goddess known as Tulity. Nevole also seems to feel that nothing should interfere with the natural order, as she severely scolds Trenin when he continues to hold Seahn at a certain age. When Trenin kills Seahn's mother, Tulity, in front of him, Nevole erases the memory from Seahn's mind. Nevole is also the only other member of the First who seems to have her name used as a colloquialism, which is noted when a surprised Orium screams; "By Nevole's womb". Fans have speculated that this may imply she was the initial member of the First to become pregnant. However, this was never found to be true or false since Nevole was not seen again before the series was abruptly canceled after Crossgen was forced to file for bankruptcy.

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