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Neutrino Annihilator was created by writer Brian Vaughan and artist Lee Ferguson. He first appeared in issue one of the 2002 Chamber mini-series.

Major Story Arc

The Hollow Man

Introducing himself to Chamber.

Neutrino Annihilator (or Kirk as his "gene-trash parents" named him) was a mutant student at Empire State University. He was a member of Magnetic North, a student group that admired and supported Magneto. After all the members of a mutant advocacy group on campus were killed in a mutant-related accident, Chamber of the X-Men came to do an undercover investigation. Kirk quickly offered him a place in Magnetic North, but Chamber outright disagreed with their emulation of Magneto, putting the two of them at odds right away.

Kirk took great pleasure in bullying Chamber from then on, even making him lick his boots at one point (although since Chamber had no mouth to lick his boots with he instead simply tied Kirk's shoelaces together while he wasn't looking).

After Chamber found out that what had killed the mutant group was actually another mutant, he came looking for Kirk at a local club for information. Tensions running high, Kirk fired at Chamber - although with little effect - and then sicced the brunt of Magnetic North's members on him. The untrained mutant brawlers were no match for the experienced X-Men member though, and Chamber promptly wiped the floor with them all. Thoroughly impressed by his skills, Kirk shook Chamber's hand and gave him what little info he knew, giving him the last clue he needed to figure out who had killed the mutant students.

After it became public knowledge that a mutant who'd lost control of his powers was responsible for the mutant deaths, all mutant students were asked to leave ESU for their own safety.

"Neutrino Annihilator" has not been seen since. Following M-Day, he most likely lost his powers and Magnetic North disbanded, assuming it hadn't already after leaving ESU.

Powers & Abilities

Pyrokinesis powers.

Neutrino Annihilator was a large, albino mutant who had claws, a healing factor, and a pyrokinesis-like ability that allowed him to shoot off energy blasts. He claimed his healing factor's power was second only to Sabretooth's.

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