Nero (DMC) Respect Thread

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Revamped and Reposted.

I made a Vergil/Dante respect thread quite some time ago so I thought I would do a Nero one. Nero has a bad rep, he is hated by many fans and the aura that surrounds him on who he is, where did he come from hasn't been answered and with this crappy new DMC game coming out we are only going to have to wait. I like Nero, I think he is an interesting character (somewhat) but it's his power that is really cool.

Nero vs Dante

Just to get a multitude of feats out of the way in one clip. Nero fights Dante (who is toying with him) and he displays strength feats, speed feats, accuracy feats such as drop kicking Dante across a room then jumps back and fires a shot at him that would have tagged Dante mid-flight if he didn't block, whipping the giant stone sword, punches Dante across the room then appears right next to him punching Dante's face into a small crater in the ground, kicks the giant stone sword out of the statue's grip and ultimately getting told by Dante he underestimated Nero.

Speed/Agility/Reflex feats

Nero really didn't display too many speed feats in the game. He was able to run along Echidna despite moving through the forest and ducking and jumping over obstacles and rebounding off trees. He also displays a minor accuracy feat shooting Echidna's seeds.

Catches the Knight's attack with a book then ducks and weaves around his attacks.

This clip is a bit long holding the clip I wanted and the clip of Nero's Devil Trigger awakening. The 1st clip shows Dante's speed and reflexes being capable to handle multiple demons flying in and attacking him. The 2nd clip shows a bit of his durability and healing.


Nero has a plethora of strength feats in the game. (See fight with Dante for more)

Nero puts a bunch of burning buildings out with a swing of his sword and blocks Berial's attack attack easily and over powers him without using his demon arm.

Nero whips Bael around and then punches him killing him. He then punches one of Bael's brothers sending them back into the gate.

Nero manages to hold Echidna from going into the gate briefly before she breaks a part of her body off to escape.

Nero in a fit of rage smashes the ground with a few punches. Also shows a bit of speed and skill here holding off multiple blitzing angles.

Nero's best strength feat in the game. He leaps high in the air and grabs the false Savior's face crushing it and causes the immediate area to rumble with a shockwave.


Nero with one arm manages to defeat a group of demons.

Nero defeats Sanctus when wielding the Sparda sword and saves Kyrie. It also shows a bit of Nero's speed too.

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cool respect thread bro.

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Wasn't it implied that he may be Vergil's son?

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@jrock85: Something like that. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense though considering Dante was around 28 years old in DMC4 where Nero would be like 18 at the least if not more so.

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@god_spawn: Yeah, I thought he looked a little too old to be Virgil's kid.

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@jrock85: I personally think Vergil is inside Nero's arm. Vergil's soul was freed from Mundus' control when Dante beat him and Mundus said Vergil was defeated. Nothing was ever specified he was killed. Nero was attacked prior to DMC4 hence the cast and that could have been Vergil and it's why they said he has demon blood in him and why Yamato worked for him.

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@god_spawn: I thought he wore that cast to hide the Devil Bringer.

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@jrock85: He was attacked in the forest prior to the game's beginning and got injured.

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@god_spawn: I see. Is he going to be in the rebooted DMC?

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@jrock85: Idk. I don't even know where the new game sits. I've heard it is a reboot but in a different universe and it isn't and blah blah blah. I'm not getting it. I wanted DMC5. I wanted whatever questions they gave us with Nero answered and now we get a reboot of Dante that is nothing that even connects him to Dante other than a name. Hell, when Dante was first created the creator said he was cooler not smoking so he didn't make him. The new one is doing what? Smoking. He also seems a bit more arrogant than Teen Dante even was which is saying something.

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@god_spawn: I'm not getting it either for the simple fact that I hate Dante's new look. He looks like a homeless guy.

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I might end up getting the new DMC. Emphasis on the might I need to know the length of the game. I've always had three core problems with Ninja Theory games. First the combat is ridiculously simplistic, they seemed to have improved that for the reboot so that's a plus for me. I mean I'm not asking for complex combos but theere previous games were excessive with the button mashing. Second, their games are too easy even on the harder difficulties. Based on the demo they haven't fixed this, I barely got hit even in the most difficult difficulty so that's one on the cons.

Seriously I'm just waiting on the length. The games premise and plot are intriguing enough for me and I've long disassociated the reboot as a Devil May Cry but see it more as a new IP.

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@jrock85: @jrock85: I think he looks like a meth addict.

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Capcom just annoyed me cause they went to the fact of introducing this new character and gave us little to no background on him. We can only assume h's got some connection to Virgil through his arm and Virgil's old sword.

Than the franchise is rebooted Virgil is scrapped and they never explain who he was/is. Just annoying.

New DMC actually looks okay. Feels a little too matrix though, what with Demons manipulating the world, and reality isn't really real etc.

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@god_spawn: Yeah. A homeless meth head.

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Hey man. Good thread. I have a question. I'm trying to use Nero along with his physical abilities and power set in a sort of game. Has he ever broke the sound barrier?

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@stormshadow_x: No idea. But he is a definitive bullet dodger and deflecter andwhen he punched Dante across the church when his devil bringer first awoke, he appeared right next to him almost instantly. You would need to do calcs or something of his other feats.

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Ok honest Opinion. Do you think a Nero with out his swords and guns would out match a blood lust Spider-Man.

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@stormshadow_x: I think Nero should win. Spidey might be faster due to Nero's major lack of speed and reflex feats, but some of his burst speed and sword swinging speeds, more supported by his Devil Bringer like how he landed multiple slashes in the looks of one slash when he saved Kyrie could be argued. But most of the devil boys have major durability, regeneration, and Nero's strength, especially by end game like with his False Savior face crush feat, is ridiculous. Spidey isn't surviving that.


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