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Little is known about Nero's true origins. His strength, agility, white hair and Devil Bringer seem to insinuate a connection with either Dante or Vergil (the sons of Sparda). Nero didn't appear to have any family or many friends, and was raised as an orphan in Fortuna alongside Credo and Kyrie. He had grown into a strong young warrior in the Order of the Sword (a society that praised Sparda), fighting with the Blue Rose gun and Red Queen sword. He kept his right arm wrapped in a sling to hide the increasingly demonic changes.


Despite being uncouth & disrespectful towards religious ceremonies, Nero was courting Kyrie who often sang for the choir at ceremonies. On one such occasion when she was performing, Nero was late to the ceremony because he had to fight his way past dozens of monsters. He'd spent time wrapped a necklace to give to Kyrie as a gift. When he arrived, he pretended that he wasn't listening to Kyrie's singing. He kept his headphones on at all times, so the tinny music would drown out the rest of the ceremony.   


However, Nero's right arm began to glow and the ceremony was interrupted by the sudden violent arrival of a white-haired man in a red leather coat. Dante crashed in through the glass domed ceiling and assassinated the High Priest, Sanctus. The population fled the Opera House, Kyrie's gift was crushed in the stampede, and Nero was left to fight Dante.  The similarities between the two, surprised them. Nero could repeat or counter Any move that Dante could perform, and visa versa. Dante revealed that the Order soldiers were really demons. As Nero saw the dead demon bodies in Order uniforms, Dante suggested that something different was responsible for Nero's strange demonic arm. However, before he could reveal any more, Dante left the scene as suddenly as he had arrived. 

Fortuna Castle 

As reinforcements arrived, Nero found the necklace he'd bought for Kyrie. Although the box was crushed, the gift was still intact and Kyrie immediately wore it. Credo commanded Nero to apprehend Dante. Nero had to fight his way through the streets which were littered with scarecrow monsters, and eventually cut a path to Fortuna Castle. There, he was met by a mysterious tanned female warrior with white bobbed-hair. Gloria defeated the monsters that led across the drawbridge to the castle, and seductively approached Nero. However, he wasn't interested in flirting with the stranger. 
Inside the castle, Nero stumbled across a secret underground laboratory. It belonged to Agnus, the stuttering scientific genius responsible for the Order of the Sword's demonic transformations.   


There, Agnus had been using the shattered blade of Yamato to harness it's demonic power and open portals all across the city. Although Agnus severely wounded Nero, the shattered remains of Yamato responded to his call. The fragments repaired themselves, and the demonic katana took itself to Nero. With Yamato's power, Nero became encased in a blue glow and defeated all of Agnus' demonic guards. However, the effort drained Nero who collapsed on the floor. Agnus fled back to Credo and Sanctus (who had been resurrected with a demon's soul) to inform them of Nero's power. Concerned that Nero would be uncontrollable, Sanctus despatched Gloria to hunt down Dante, while Credo was sent to confront Nero. 


Nero soon encountered Credo, who had also been infused with an external demonic power. Credo began to transform with giant wings, and believed that he was evolving into an angel. After a difficult battle, Nero defeated Credo who collapsed & transformed back into a normal man.   
However, Agnus appeared with Kyrie. He warped her perception of events. She saw Nero stood over her brother's wounded body, and Agnus revealed Nero's demonic looking right-arm. Scared that her lover was really a demon who had killed her brother, Kyrie was an easy target. When Nero went to attack Agnus, he used her as a human shield. Knowing that Nero wouldn't attack his lover, Agnus kidnapped Kyrie. Credo regained enough of his strength to apologise to Nero & went off on his own mission to discover what the Order of the Sword was secretly up to. 

Second Encounter With Dante

Worried for Kyrie's well-being, Nero disregarded his original mission to hunt down Dante. However, he soon encountered Dante in battle once more. They met indoors, and Nero only wanted to pass by quickly in order to find Kyrie. However, Dante recognised his brother's Katana and demanded that Nero return Yamato. Since Nero refused, a fight broke out.  Despite all appearances to the contrary, Dante wasn't fighting to kill Nero.  Instead, he admitted that the fight was a test; to test Nero's worthiness. Having accepted Nero's worth, he allowed him to keep Yamato. Nero and Dante exchanged names & formed a tentative alliance. 


Nero soon found the resurrected Sanctus. He had transformed a giant statue of Sparda into a colossal monster known as the Saviour. Sanctus intended to bring the Saviour to life with Yamato and the blood of Sparda. To stop Nero's attacks, he had tied Kyrie to the front of the Saviour to act as a human shield. Nero's attacks were focussed, making sure not to hit Kyrie. However, Sanctus managed to gain possession of Yamato. So when Nero was distracted by Credo's arrival, Sanctus used it to stab Nero. 

Inside the Saviour

Nero's blood spilled onto the Saviour, which slowly developed a life of it's own. Sanctus revealed that Nero was in fact a descendent of Sparda. The Saviour then began to absorb Nero. Despite the arrival of Dante and Trish (who had disposed with her disguise as Gloria) they were unable to save either Kyrie, Nero or Yamato.
Nero was helpless until Dante finally managed to reclaim Yamato. The katana was plunged inside the Saviour's chest, where Nero caught it.  sing Yamato to free himself, Nero faced Sanctus once more. By defeating Sanctus in battle, Nero successfully freed Kyrie.   


Freed from the Saviour, Nero & Kyrie briefly meet with Dante in Fortuna. Nero offered to return Yamato, but Dante refused to take it. He claimed that it was the only gift he had worth giving. Dante left the young lovers to finally defeat Sanctus' Saviour once & for all.   
Alone for the first time in a long time, Kyrie confided in Nero that he is the most human person whom she knows. Reconciled with his lover and his demonic heritage, Nero was about to kiss Kyrie when they were interrupted by the appearance of more scarecrow demons. Using his demonic right-arm, Nero was able to grab the monsters from around the courtyard and drag them away from Kyrie until Dante defeated the Saviour.

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