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The Cops show up right when Okura wants to cut up Neon and shoot rubber bullets at them. Umaru drags the hurtfull Neon to a safe location.

20 Minutes later - Neon is knocked out and the police is still sweeping the area. Takeo and the others take their oppertunity to get away from the drug-house.

Umaru calls the number he found in Neon's pocket. *Asako picks up and gets herself ready to be of aid to Neon.*

Meanwhile several blocks away - Takeo and the Neon Dragons try to figure out what happened, who set them up and why. Takeo is in for pay-back time.

*Okura comes up with an idea, only but to find his brother finding it to being interference to his own plans. He sends Miuri with a message to the Scavengers to "move on to the Neon Dragons and that they can eat whoever they catch".*

*Neon wakes up and find himself at Asako's place. She tells him what had happend, and what the plans are. Neon tries to call the Neon dragons warehouse, but no one picks up.*

The leader of the Shen-Yang is being held up by a truck. When the driver tries to move it, the truck explodes. A biker walks up to the car and pulls Aaron out to kill him. *Zeburo shoots at the biker but doesn't kills his target, he gets the biker's attention and gets killed even after proposing money, Aaron witnesses it all but never got a chance to see the biker's face. After the kill the biker drives off, at a safe location the biker reveals it's true identity, it was Miuri.*







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