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A hard working member of the AD Police, Nene works as part of their technical support team as a communications officer but secretly she also works as part of the Knight Sabers as their mole and computer hacker.  
Eager and idealistic, Nene perceives the Knight Sabers' mission as part of a grand heroic crusade which she is proud to take part of; even if she is not one of the most physically skilled of the Knight Sabers.  She often finds herself teased by Priss Asagiri and Linna Yamazaki for her clumsiness and ineptness in physical combat.   Nene's primary role in the field is the Sabers' electronic warfare officer; she is responsible for acquiring detailed sensors scans of Boomers to detail their weaknesses and relaying them to the other Sabers and jamming Boomers' on-board sensors.  She also performs electronic countermeasures from communications to missile locks and her suit enables her to hack computers as well.

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