Check Out The Cover & Variant To Millar & McNiven's Nemesis #1

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Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's new character, Nemesis is almost upon us. The first issue is on sale March 17, 2010. There might have been a little controversy over the character but soon he'll be here causing problems for the citizens of a new town. We've seen Millar and McNiven on Civil War and Old Man Logan. They're back together to give us a new character we haven't seen before. 
Nemesis is "the toughest cape in town." He's the only super-powered individual. The problem is, he's also the most evil guy you'll ever meet. Millar recently auctioned off the right to name the hero in the story along with the real identity of Nemesis (the winning bid was $8500!). 
If seeing the cover to issue #1 up above wasn't enough, check out the variant for the first issue by superstar Leinil Francis Yu! 

Nemesis will be a "Mature" book (obviously) and according to Marvel, will have a $2.99 price tag!
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Nice car

#3 Posted by RalfvdH (658 posts) - - Show Bio

he stole Tony's R8

#4 Posted by Joe Venom (1275 posts) - - Show Bio

It a great creative team behind this guy but Im not feeling the costume, Moon Knight can barely pull off the all white costume, so he better have one hell of a first issue.

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The second cover looks badass!!!!!!

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what an original idea!!

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Awsome! The more news I read about "Nemesis" the more excited I get! I'm a fan of "Kick-Ass" and even though it did have its flaws, the first arc was both stylistic & entertaining. Seeing as Mark Millar is quite the hype machine, I have mixed feelings about the release and the press coverage of the 1st issue thus far. But, from what I've seen the covers look promising. I just hope the story, character, art and environments are of its own and nothing else. I'M OPTIMISTIC! 

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most have 
#9 Posted by goldenkey (2920 posts) - - Show Bio

killer, just killer
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ooh I like it looks awesome

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Me wantee!!!
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Really makes you wonder who is driving the car in that first one. It reminds me of those covers of women in impossible poses.

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I'll definitely be checking this out.

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These covers look really good especially the first one.
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This is freaking awesome,theres a new villain in town,and he won't think twice on killing you muwahahahahaha > : D

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never seen before? I thought he was supposed to be a Batman/Joker clone?

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Looks great! I´m really excited and can´t wait!

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I want that car, with a little read and blue thrown in :D

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Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-ass >8^D

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Looks like it's gonna be awesome...

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I'm checking it out. Millar hasnt been disappointing.
if the person that paid $8500 big ones to name this Nemesis is reading, 
my left nipple needs a name as well. the auction starts in two weeks,
and theres a $2,000 non-refundable entrant fee.

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