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The Nemean Lion Skin acts as a virtually impenetrable armor and gives Hercules added protection against any form of attack. Hercules godly heritage gives him a natural resistance to most injuries and the addition of the Nemean Skin makes him almost impossible to injure. Because of his love of battle, sense of honor, and already extreme durability Hercules only wears the Nemean Lion skin in the most dire consequences.

Origins in Greek Mythology

The Nemean Lion Skin originates in Greek Mythology (as does Heracles) and it is in such myths that when Hera gave Heracles his "Ten" Labors to repent of his crimes, the first was to slay the Nemean Lion, a beast with an impenetrable hide. The actual mission Heracles was given was to bring back the skin, but when he tried to attack the beast with arrows, he found that it was indeed impenetrable and instead he was forced to strangle the beast to death with his mighty strength and bring it back to the King. So stunned, was the King that he gave the skin to Heracles whom had to remove it by using the beast's own claws.

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