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Powers and Abilities

As a student of Goku, Neko Majin is a very skilled fighter and was trained at the same time as Uub. Neko Majin as a couple of Goku's moves though he does throw his own spin on them. Neko is known as the most powerful Neko Majin in the world and even has his own Power Pole and Flying Nimbus Cloud.


Energy Wave - Neko Majin's version of Vegeta's Big Bang Attack. After Vegeta hit him with this attack, Neko shot one back in return.

Farting - A taunting move used by Neko, this was able to make Goku even cover his nose.

Flight - Neko Majin can fly under his own power.

Full Power Energy Wave - A two handed energy blast of great power that Neko used against Vegeta.

Nekohameha - Neko Majin's version of the Kamehameha Wave invented by Master Roshi of the Turtle School. Their is no difference to how this move is performed versus Goku's Kamehameha Wave.

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