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In comics

The Negotiator is a agent of the Reach who doubles as a spokesperson. He came to Earth on diplomatic terms, presenting the Reach as peaceful friends. He is known for being affable, yet having a sharp mind which allows him to disarm opponents through speech alone. However, he is a control freak and when things don't go according to plan, his confidence dampens and his cowardice is shown.

In other media

Negotiator (called Ambassador) in Young Justice Invasion

Negotiator appears as a major antagonist in Young Justice: Invasion. He is very similar to his comic counterpart, but is referred to as Ambassador. He serves as the public face for the Reach species in order to showcase themselves as peaceful allies. He is the leader of the Reach members that were assigned to the Earth delegation. He led the Reach in alliance with the Light before it was exposed that Light was double-crossing them. He is usually seen with the Scientist, who helps him with technical matters, and field agent Black Beetle.

Ambassador and friends

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