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Negi Springfield is a true prodigy: not only is he a teacher at age ten, he's also a powerful magician! Negi's in charge of a bevy of beautiful girl students, which is a challenge even for a wizard. But Negi's job gets even harder when his childhood friend Anya joins his class. Anya's having a tough time fitting in with the other students--and an even tougher time accepting Negi as her teacher!

Back Blurb

A field trip into peril

Ten-year-old teacher/magician Negi Springfield is looking forward to taking his class of beautiful girls to the historic cities of Kyoto and Nara -- but there's a catch! Negi's student Konoka is a kidnap target of feuding magicians in those very cities. Her grandfather the school principal orders Negi to protect Konoka -- while keeping the fact that she's in danger a secret from the unsuspecting girl. To add to Negi's headaches, his sword-wielding student Setsuna may be a spy for the kidnappers. With so much on his mind, how is a young magician to see the sights, care for a sarcastic stoat, and stay in the good graces of his hot-tempered magical partner Asuna?

Chapter Titles

  • Twenty-Sixth Period: Proof of a Contract!?
  • Twenty-Seventh Period: A Secret Date!? Cheerleaders Attack!
  • Twenty-Eighth Period: Ribbit Ribbit -- Panic on the Bullet Train!?
  • Twenty-Ninth Period: The Spy and the Thorough Thumping!?
  • Thirtieth Period: Konoka and Setsuna's Secret
  • Thirty-First-Thirty-Second Periods: Weird! Kyoto and the Cardmaster!!
  • Thirty-Third Period: A Favor of the Large Buddha!? (In Nara)
  • Thirty-Fourth Period: Shocking Kyoto Video Proves Existence of a Wizard!?

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