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The battle with Fate continues, and neither opponent shows any sign of giving in. Knowing Fate's past, Negi is even more determined to win him over to his side. It comes down to one last clash of spells, but with magic as powerful as theirs, they can't possibly both survive.

Chapter Titles

  • 325th Period: We Settle This Now!!
  • 326th Period: Fate Awakens!!
  • 327th Period: The Taste of Coffee
  • 328th Period: Who Survived!!?
  • 329th Period: The Future Is In Your Hands!
  • 330th Period: The Nightmare Revives!!
  • 331th Period: Mahora Academy vs. Cosmo Entelekheia!!
  • 332th Period: Classmates Assemble!!!
  • 333th Period: Save Asuna! The Strongest Players Mount A Fierce Counterattack!!
  • 334th Period: Reunion ♥ The Greatest Partners!!
  • 335th Period: All Creation, Return To Life!!







Story Arcs

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