Which resurrected characters to you want to stay alive?

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So if you could choose a character resurrected by Selene, who would you pick?
My current picks are Destiny, Risque and Darkstar.

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So Far, 
Rusty Collins

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@pixelized: Banshee, Risque and Cypher all broke through, so they might be possible.
PS. I like you're current avatar (Thank god, she survived.)
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@John Valentine said:


you want more Tag.
@Queen's Halo said:
" @pixelized: Banshee, Risque and Cypher all broke through, so they might be possible.  PS. I like you're current avatar (Thank god, she survived.) "

They and they aren't exactly decaying Zombies so things could be turning around for them.
Thank you! Me too, Me too!
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Oh and if the for some odd reason they resurrect Maggot I would like for him to stick around too.
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I know they're doomed but I've always liked the Hellions and would love it if they were developed more. At least Catseye and Tarot.  
I'm also glad to see Cypher and Banshee again, it'd be nice to have them stick around.

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Shinobi Shaw. I really liked Yost and Kyle's twist about why he wasn't being used, but hopefully this arc will reinvigorate some interest in him.
If Tyler shows up, keep him around, too.

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Wallflower. Icarus, jean grey and Sinister

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Catseye "Sharon Smith" of the Hellions. Definitely an underdeveloped character with remarkable potential. 

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Synch, Skin, Thunderbird, Banshee, Risque, Jesse Bedlam & Shinobi Shaw  

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Shinobi shaw......catseye.....skin and synch and im happy

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Banshee,Pyro,Caliban,Rusty,Cypher,RIsque,Scaleface,Berserker,Feral and Maggot.
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If they evolve other characters like they have Douglas Ramsey, I'd pick Tarot, Snych, and Pyro.
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pyro because its annoying that they made him a villain again and i want to see him redeemed.   

X-Force #21
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Pyro, Shinobi Shaw and I want them to bring back Dead Girl, just for irony 

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Banshee, Caliban, Pyro, and Unus are all characters that should never have been killed off in the first place...
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All the Hellions
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So much for Tyler.

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My vote would definitely have to go to the following: Hellions (all of them ... especially Bevatron, Tarot, Roulette, and Catseye), Feral, Rusty Collins, Pyro, Banshee,  Siena Blaze (I think I'm probably the ONLY person on Earth who likes this lady), and Darkstar.

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