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The war is at its final chapter: the Earth fleet now surrounds the stations. While Dasky, the advisor of president of Melpomene Ada Morgan tries to convince her to surrender without further loss, the woman takes refuge in a secret room where only her have access. Since May stole secret informations on Mars, Ada has little time to implement her final plan: to throw the disbanded Station of Urania on Earth like a rocket, using the base of Khad, suitably programmed by the faithful Mako: the station will focus on the headquarters of Alpha Agency , which Morgan blames for being among the main causes of her defeat. Meanwhile May discovers what are the plans of Morgan and communicates it to Earth. Mr. Alfa, still alive, suggests a solution: Three distorting devices must be activated in order to teleport Urania Station elsewhere and save the City. Three groups are formed: Nathan and Branko, Luke and Melody, and the other two Ross twins. While the other groups are able to activate the distortions, Luke and Melody have problems. Harmony and Symphony approach to help them, and succeed in the mission, even if it is too late to save their lives. The four die, while Branko and Nathan are saved by Jerry and May.

But a part of Urania, who came off, falls into the sea creating a tidal wave that engulfs the city , while survivors find refuge on the old basis of Skotos. Urania disappears in the sky, but the sonic wave is so strong that it causes severe damage to the city anyway , and many victims.

Peace is signed, as the Earth grants independence to the space station. While on Melpomene, Ada Morgan commits suicide.

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