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Nathan Boder was a wealthy man, but his greed knew no bounds. Turning to crime, Boder quickly became the head of Springdale's criminal element. Alex Bow learned of this and attempted to blackmail Boder. Boder killed Bow and had Otto Clase hide the body at Springdale High as the school was undergoing construction. Boder further attempted to conceal the killing by having fake cards sent to Bow's friends long after his death to create the illusion that Bow had merely left town.

When the skeleton of Bow was discovered, Boder hired cat burgaler Fred Caskey to break into the school to locate and remove a strongbox that contained information that could incriminate him. Caskey was captured and gave the strongbox to the police. Knowing that the strongbox would lead police to Clase, Boder had him poisoned and made it look like suicide to throw off investigation.

When a clerk at the Springdale courthouse found a file with evidence that connected Boder to Bow's murder, he, working with others, attempted to blackmail Boder. Boder hired the Harlequin Hitman to kill all the blackmailers and the Harlequin Hitman was successful. Even after the assassins were captured, they knew too little about Boder to give the police any information. The clerk had hidden the file away in some part of the courthouse nobody would find it.

Boder realized he had to put an end to Justin Baldwin's snooping into the Alex Bow murder and got Dorian to take care of it. First Dorian killed Lola because she knew too much, then began to search for the files in the courhouse. When Baldwin managed to get the files first, Dorian captured Maddie Naylor and used her as a hostage to get Baldwin and the files to Boder's home. Boder was prepared to kill Baldwin and Naylor and destroy the files, but Speedball arrived and knocked Boder, Dorian and their gang out. In the end, Boder and his gang were taken into police custody.

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