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Nate was an assessed solider to a disasterous event to a differentiated Gen-Active cell that would lead him to come to contact with 3 additional Gen-Actives: Twenty-Man Tommy (Tommy) , Voodoo Doll (Sadie) , and Trauma Queen (Leslie).

Nate would be introduced to Gen-13 through Trauma Queen after her assistance with Burnout in stopping a pair of Gen-Active thieves in a private jet plane against a wealthy account manager. Nate would come to be as intelligent as Fairchild and quick responsive friends on their first encounter until a pair of criminal telepaths would intervene to alter the minds of the hotel partiers and cause both Gen-13 and Leslie's allies to fight and later have Grunge and Twenty Man Tommy challenge each other in "ferretlegging." Nate and Fairchild would fight as equals from the sides before the psychic rage effects on them would wear off from Burnout and Trauma Queen's intervention.

Nate would appear briefly in a side story for Gen-13, he would also become a rommantic love interest for Fairchild in an imaginary story after Gen-13 would battle a rogue Anna from using their powers for a Gen-Active Bomb. By Nate's final appearance, he would gain aid from a Gen-Active blood congress to find a counteraction devise to reset the unnatural disasters in California and save the lives of the living as well redeem the memories of their late friends. He has since not been mentioned in Gen-13 relaunches since 2002.

Powers and Abilities:

Nate is an accomplished soldier by training and a quadruple amputee/ quadroplegic to no legs or arms but able to manifest "phantom limbs" or psychic energies that allow him to make energy based arms and legs of any size or shape he wants. His "phantom limbs" are powerful enough to allow him to scale buildings in jumps, punch through concrete, harmlessly lift up to 10 tons or more, and has enhanced speed, reflexes, recuperation. Nate also suspectedly holds some college education or is of very gifted intellect to uphold a leadership role to his teammates.

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