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In the  1950`s , Nathaniel Mare was a successful private investigator dating the police commissioner daughter ,Eileen Tolan .

Eileen Tolan
Nate  was on the trail of the  Master criminal Professor Viper .
Professor Viper

Then Nate along with Willis Tolan (the Commissioner),Edward Fels (the Assistant D.A.) and Martin Cross a NYPD detective all met to join to stop Professor Viper from poisoning the New York City water supply .Unknown to Nate all three were in league with Prof . Viper and as soon as they were in Viper`s hideout hit Nate in the back of his head, poisoned him and left Nate to die a slow and painful death .Nate chauffeur ,

Ellery Snow ,worried about him and followed him in the building .Close to death  Ellery gave Nate some herbs to "ease his pain",but Willis knew Ellery would be there so he had sent the police who only saw Ellery giving herbs to Nate who soon died .Ellery was arrested for murder and was imprisoned for Forty years .
 Forty Years later Ellery was released from prison and had only one thing on his mind ...revenge for those who framed him. Ellery had some knowledge of the occult that was taught to him as a young Haitian man and he reanimated the corpse of Nate Mare to dish out his revenge.Nate first went to kill Cole Rennie (Professor Viper ) who was suffering from Alzheimer , Edward Ellis ,Willis Tolan who was in a Hospital .While there Nate also killed a nurse who was just in his way .The magical forces that were used alerted the attention of  three supernaturals , Jericho Drumm, The Ghost Rider and Morbius .The heroes tracked Ellery to Weldwood Cemetery as Nate was about to leave for his final mission to kill Marty and Eileen Cross (who married him).Unable to injure or stop  Nate Mare ,Jericho Drumm sent his brother`s spirit to possess Ellery .The source of Nate magic was interrupted and Nate crumbled to the ground .Then as Ellery was explaining to the heroes what was going on Nate`s body reassembled and snuck out .They found him at Marty and Eileen`s  house and attacked him again but this time Nate Mare spoke .He said that Ellery was wrong for what he did especially causing the death of the innocent nurse .He then told Eileen he always loved her and would be waiting for her on the other side.His body crumpled to dust .


Nathaniel Mare was created by Scott Benson, Daerick Gross and Duncan Rouleau in 1994 and first appeared in Midnight Sons Unlimited # 7.

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