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Kazuki Tojyo was Masaki Tojyo’s daughter and Tomoharu Tojyo’s grand-daughter. Hinoto predicted her that she would die twice for the Earth. Kazuki had a congenital disease and was condemned to die. Her father and grandfather tried to find a remedy to heal her. But they didn’t succeed and Kazuki died. Masaki promised her that he would bring her back.



Years past; Masaki and Tomoharu succeeded to clone partially Kazuki. In order to achieve the cloning and remembering his promise, Masaki sacrificed himself. The cloning was completed. Tomoharu didn’t see in the clone his grand-daughter. Indeed the clone had no sex; he is a combination between a man and a woman. Tomoharu considered that the clone had no soul. He decided to nickname him Nataku.

Sacred Sword


Tomoharu learnt from Hinoto that the Sacred Sword is the key of the “Jour de la Promesse”. So he decides to steal it in order to protect Nataku. When Kamui Shiro comes back to Tokyo, Tomoharu can detect the sacred sword at the Togakushi Shrine. He asks Nataku to steal it.

A storm begins above the Togakushi Shrine. Kyogo Mono is here and remembers how the sacred sword is responsible of the death of his wife. Kyogo feels the introduction of an intruder inside his Shrine. A fight begins between the young intruder and Kyogo. Even if Kyogo fights with the sacred sword, the ribbon of the intruder is superior. Kamui and Fuma Mono receive the call of the sword and go to the Shrine. But it was too late, the intruder kills Kyogo. He steals the sword, introduces himself as Nataku, one of the Seven Angels and runs away. Nataku is surprised to see that Fuma looks like Masaki.

At Tojyo Pharmaceutical inside the Sunshine 60, Nataku is stabilized in a serum whereas Tomoharu Tojyo explains Nataku is a genetic creation, an artificial human being created for the “jour de la promesse”. He interrogates his employees to know which information they find on the sacred sword. The only information they have is that the sacred sword is alive.

Another sacred sword does its appearance. Nataku feels the call of the swords. This calls become more and more important. One day, Nataku decides to help the sacred sword he stole. He breaks free and takes the sword to bring it to Fuma. He joins Fuma and the other angels. He gives the sacred sword to Fuma.



Days past; all the data about Nataku is downloaded by Beast. Fuma observes Kakyo Kuzuki’s visions when Nataku enters and explains the situation. Fuma explains that the seven angels are free to do whatever they want. Now he can survive without the help of Tojyo Pharmaceutical. Nataku replies he wants to stay with Fuma because he reminds him his father.

Nataku decides to help Fuma to destroy kekkai. He goes to the Sunshine 60 and attacks it. For his grand-father, it confirms that Nataku has no soul. Fuma joins them and asks Nataku to achieve Tomoharu Tojyo. Nataku is ready to do it when Fuma stops him when he feels the presence of Kamui. On the roof, Kamui finds Fuma. Fuma tells him he must create a kekkai if he wants to protect people. He goes to attack him, but Fuma shows him Tomoharu Tojyo. Fuma attacks Kamui knowing he will protect the old man. Fuma is ready to finish him when Subaru Sumeragi arrives and creates a kekkai. To destroy the building, the kekkai must disappear. And to make a kekkai disappear, one of the ways is to kill the kekkai’s creator. So Nataku attacks Subaru, but Subaru is too strong. Understanding that, Fuma decides to finish the battle and asks Nataku to leave. Nataku accepts and goes away. Fuma destroys the kekkai.



Nataku decides to continue to destroy kekkai. He decides to attack the Yamanote Line. Karen learns that and decides to go. Karen arrives at Yamanote line, creates a kekkai and attacks Nataku. With her pyrokinetic powers, Karen beats easily Nataku. She asks him why he did that. He explains he has no feelings. She replies everyone has feelings. That is at this moment that Yuto Kigai attacks with his hydrokinetic powers. Like before, Yuto jokes with his opponent. The fight is intense and no one take the advantage. Seiichiro Aoki does his entrance in order to help Karen. He is wounded. Yuto proposes to cancel their fight in order to take care of their injured partner. Karen accepts the draw and disrupts her kekkai. Yuto brings Nataku back to the City Hall of Tokyo.

Nataku decides to continue his job. Karen tries to stop Nataku; but he succeeds to destroy a new kekkai. Even if he is an angel, Karen sees in him an innocent child.

Dearest Wish


Fuma learns that two seals go to Ginza. Fuma requires Nataku to go in order to destroy Ginza.

Karen and Seiichiro arrive at Ginza. A feeling of danger surrounds the place. Karen creates a kekkai and asks Seiichiro to do the same. She wants to be sure that place won’t be destroyed. It is at this moment that Nataku attacks Ginza. When he sees that is Karen is opponent, Nataku is sad. But his duty is to destroy the kekkai, so he attacks them. They dodge each attack and they are wondering why Nataku launches always the same attack. Nataku begs Karen to leave the place. For Karen, this request is a proof that Nataku has feelings. He explains to her that he is a clone and he always heard he has no soul and no feelings. Karen understands because she lived the same thing with her mother. Seiichiro tries to intervene, but he is stopped by Karen. She asks Nataku if he knows what do the seven angels. He reveals that he had some information by Tomoharu Tojyo. He said a Yumemi told him that his grand-daughter would die twice and would be concern by the “jour de la promesse”. That was why he asked Nataku to steal the sacred sword in order to be sure he would not die. Karen is happy to learn that there is a person who loves him. She asks him why he joined the Dragons of Earth. He explains he wants to be with Fuma. It is another proof that Nataku has feelings because he loves Fuma.

It is at this moment that Fuma does his entrance. For Karen, he looks like Seiichiro, her dearest person. Fuma sees that Nataku has another wish. That is why he wants to check which one is the more important. He attacks Karen, but Nataku saves her. Fuma requires Nataku to leave, but Karen tells him to follow his heart. He takes his decision. So Fuma launches a massive attack. Seiichiro dodges it, but it is the intervention of Nataku which permits to Karen to not be injured. Fuma stares at them. Karen asks Nataku to let her, but he doesn’t want. He knows that Karen has no chance with Fuma. He stays to protect Karen and Fuma kills him. Nataku has just the time to say that the yumemi Tomoharu Tojyo saw was Hinoto. Karen argues Fuma to explain this. Fuma explains that was the dearest wish of Nataku: to die for his dearest person by the person he loves. Nataku assimilates Karen as his mother and Fuma as his father. Fuma decides to leave in order to respect Nataku’s wish. Moreover he lets Nataku’s corpse to Karen because he knows she will take care of him.

Nataku is buried near Kotori.

Powers and Abilities


High Jump

Like every dragon, Nataku could jump the high of a building.


Nataku can use his telekinesis in order to use his ribbon like a weapon.

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