Naruto Film Spoofs

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I just had an interesting thought a day or so ago.....Family Guy did adaptations of all three original Star Wars films, right? Well, I thought of something fun for the anime side of animation, and thought Naruto had the right sense of action and humor. So, suppose the guys who do the Naruto anime decide to do a Naruto special in similar vein to the Family Guy Star Wars specials (where characters play the roles in the stories), but with a different movie. The special opens with Naruto walking out of a movie theater when he accidentally get's knocked on the head, and starts dreaming.... Which of these two films would you want them to use:

Our Man Flint (1965), with Naruto as Derek Flint and Lady Tsunade as his ex-boss, Cramden?


Big Trouble in Little China (1987), with Naruto as Jack Burton and Orochimaru as Lo Pan?

What are your picks??? And why????

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