Liked Naruto Anime Filler Characters

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I know no one liked overfill of filler episodes, but there were some characters that seemed like great ideas. They may be worth it to be in the issues or even a spin off book.

Isabari was one character I liked and wish she was cannon. Isaribi she was test subject to make ninja for aquatic combat. She had very distinguish look being covered with bandages and having teeth that are like Milleena from Mortal Kombat. Unlike most characters features of her transformation are still with her and that is the reason for her bandages. She was character that relate with Naruto that has no connection to Sausuke which most of them were. She can add slice of life and drama to the series which needed to do better job of. If they made and reboot or an adaption I hoped she will be in there. Heck if they made a westernize version I would like her to be in that series.

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