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In the course of their training, student ninja Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke have fought deadly assassins, learned incredible feats of magic and martial arts, and danced along the brink of death. Now they're facing the most terrifying challenge of all: exams!

The three ninja-in-training have signed up for the Journeyman (Chuunin) Ninja Selection Exams, which they must pass if they ever want to advance to the rank of fullfledged shinobi. They learn too late how grueling the exams are... and how dangerous. If the tests of skill, stealth, and battle prowess don't kill them, their fellow junior ninja will. And, since the three pass or fail as a group, they're only as strong as their weakest link... Naruto!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 37 - A Total Mismatch!!!
  • Chapter 38 - On Your Mark
  • Chapter 39 - The Challengers!!
  • Chapter 40 - The First Test
  • Chapter 41 - The Whisper of Demons
  • Chapter 42 - To Each His Own
  • Chapter 43 - The Tenth Question
  • Chapter 44 - The Talents We Test For
  • Chapter 45 - The Second Exam

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