sir_kyle's Naruto #1 - The Tests of the Ninja review

My First Manga!

Hahaha, I love this book! Naruto is my first manga comic. I was introduced to the character by the show. I thought it was so orginal (as far I knew) and so humorous! Actually Naruto reminds my of my beloved childhood friend Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes). But I think the strongest aspect of Naruto's personallity is his determination. No matter what he won't quit and he has more power to accomplish his goals than he realizes. While it did get a little confusing sometimes I attribute this to the fact that you have to read it backwards unlike American comics. Overall a 4.5 outta 5!       


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    A great story start. 0

    I thought this was a great volume. It started the series off in a great way, introduced the characters, got you to know them and taught you a lesson. It was amazing artwork and great entertainment. Iruka showed a lot of compassion, Sasuke is awesome, Sakura will rise up eventually (not in THIS volume), Sasuke is awesome, and Kaskashi is layed back on the outside. Mizuki really made you angry at him. You will probably buy volume two right after you finish reading the last word. The story itself w...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    good start but it gets better 0

    this volume was kinda boring but it tells you everything you need to know about the narutoverse. i think you could probably start on the second volume and not miss much. you only need to know that naruto has a fox demon inside him and that he pretty much sucks at being a ninja. you might need to know a little about sasuke and sakura and their attitude towards their less than perfect teamate. i think the whole bit where naruto saves his teacher and earns his head band is a little over dramatic bu...

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