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A Dying Nara

After being returned home by her best friend Hazy Foss, Nara Kilday was murdered by Simon Foss. A few days later she was resurrected in the local cemetery and surrounded by demon-possessed corpses (The Legion). She fought her way to Hazy’s house that was also being attacked by The Legion (since she has Nara's diary) . There she met Noel Raddemer who explained they needed to leave. After a change of clothes the group ran into Elijah Armstrong and his girlfriend Lisa. Noel’s plan was to meet up with another agent just outside the town of Hills. Thanks to a fight in the car Agent Jake was knocked down and killed.

The group was then ambushed by more of The Legion and Noel was disabled by a bite to the neck. Nara was then captured by a flying demon and taken to the Pitch mansion. Here she was greeted by Hans Dargo and Simon Foss, Hans explained that Abraham Pitch had made a deal with the demon Bolabogg and that she was the key to the ritual. Nara was then locked in a dark room where Simon tries to convert her to Pitch’s cause, but Nara refuses and explains that she knows Simon killed her. Shortly after she is chained to a stone pillar and placed in front of Pitch who is now just a head.

Nara is Back

After two failed rescue attempts, first by Noel, Hazy, Elijah and Lisa then by the Protectorate's agents. Nara’s soul is bound with the demon Bolabogg, Nara however is able to fight off Bolabogg and his soul is infused with Hans Dargo. Using her diary that has the language of Heaven within it she sends Bolabogg back to his realm through a portal. The next day Elijah, Hazy, Nara and Noel meet at Nara’s grave and decide to leave it in Hazy and Elijah’s care as Noel returns to the Protectorate and learns what to do next.   

Dead@17: Blood of Saints

For three months after the events of Dead @17 Nara lived with Hazey under the guise of a student from out of town, one night after finding out that Hazey and Elija have been dating behind her back Nara decides to run away. While at the park Nara is attacked by servants of Bolabogg known as Feeders only to be saved by Malachi a servant of God. Malachi tells Nara that she must reach her full potential in order to defeat Bolabogg for good.

Nara is later found by Noel who explains to her that the Protectorate has fallen so they must find a safe place to hide. As Nara and Noel travel through a desert Nara feels the force of Hazey being attacked by Violet and collapses only to wake in a church with Noel and a priest called Winston.

Nara tells Winston that she feels Hazey’s pain and he tells her that he will open her potential and teleports Nara to Hazey’s location. Nara appears in a cabin in the woods and cuts Hazey free from her bonds and the two head out to face Violet. Violet calls the legion of the un-dead to hinder Nara’s attempt to stop Bolabogg’s soul from merging with Violet’s.

After dispatching the un-dead Nara clashes with Violet but is bested at every turn and is left in a smoking crater to die. Noel however saves her and the two decide it would be best for her to travel with Noel in order to keep her friends from being hurt.

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